Passion By Design, guest Susan Tolles, Fourish Over 50

Sandy and Paula discuss the power of 3!
Three ways to boldly step into the next part of your life!

Guest this week: Susan Tolles, founder, 
Flourish Over 50
Susan is a wealth of information and dedicated to helping women who are overworked, overwhelmed and unfulfilled find clarity, purpose and freedom to say "no" without guilt. She inspires and motivates them through her blog at, as a Certified Dream Coach, professional speaker and author.  Susan created the "Reinvention Road Trip" program as a unique way for women to discover their true calling, throw off the "heavy baggage" that holds them back, and create a road map for the next, best chapter of their lives. Working with Susan, women experience greater focus, less stress, and higher self-esteem, knowing that they are using their God-given gifts to reach their height of potential.

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