Passion By Design, guest: Bob Donnell

aired live 6.15.2010, show number 0007 Guest, Bob Donnell, President and CEO of Next Level 4 Success

This week's Passion By Design Radio Program on KNRY 1240 AM radio in Northern California at 4:05 pm, Co-Hosts Sandy Peckinpah and Paula McChesney interview Bob Donnell who is President and CEO of Next Level 4 Success. In the world of personal development, Bob is a stand-out in his field, having coached athletes, entertainment figures, Fortune 500 companies, and business leaders worldwide. Listen to this inspiring conversation and your life will have begun the path of a life by design...find out how. For more information, go to our website

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Passion By Design, Guest: Bob Donnell, Next Level 4 Success

This week’s show we will be discussing “Life on New Terms.”
We’ll bring you great new Passion By Design ideas for the “New Passionate, Succesful, Happy You."

Our featured guest is Bob Donnell, CEO of Next Level 4 Success and Next Level By Association. Bob is a sought after speaker, coach, and mentor whose direct approach to success has been used successfully by numerous high profile clients in the field of sports, entertainment, corporations, and entrepeneurs. His interview will inspire you to find your “next level.”

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