Tony Seton, Award-winning broadcast journalist…political consultant…wr

• August 28th, 2011

Passion By Design: Tony Seton, author and Broadcast Journalist. Robert Vickrey, The Royal Palms Resort and Spa

Tony Seton is a professional writer, public speaker, business and political consultant, and communications specialist. Early in his career as a broadcast journalist, he covered Watergate, six elections, and five space shots, produced Barbara Walters' news interviews, and won a handful of national awards for his business-economics coverage for ABC Network Television News. Later, he wrote and produced two award-winning public television documentaries. He has conducted over a thousand interviews and is the author of more than 2,000 essays and a dozen books. As a political consultant, Tony's clients have included Nancy Pelosi and Tom Campbell. Other hats he's worn include teacher, media trainer, and web designer.

In the Passion Passport Segment of this week's show, our guest is Robert Vickrey, the Director of Romance at the stunning Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix. Robert is also the Maitre D' at the award winning T. Cook's Restaurant. Robert is a creative wonder when it comes to bringing new ideas to your romantic getaway. Listen in to get romance tips that could just change your life!

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What Every Couple Needs to Know About Keeping Intimacy Alive

• August 28th, 2011

Passion by Design: Guest Linda Carroll, relationships expert

Paula and Sandy discuss intimacy doldrums with relationship expert Linda Carroll.

"As a leading relationship counselor for over thirty years, I know how fragile the ties that hold us together can be. Frequently I see couples who think they want out of the relationship when they are just looking for a way out of the difficulty, stress, and lack of healthy communication. Using a variety of modalities which include communication skills training, self-understanding, and practical tools for bringing empathy and goodwill into your relationship, I will help you discover the source of your conflicts, and will offer you the tools you need to create the love you deserve." -- Linda Carroll

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What do Men Really Think? Raise Your Passion Energy

• August 15th, 2011

Passion By Design: Unlock the Secrets to the Male Brain!

Paula McChesney and Sandy Peckinpah discuss raising your Passion IQ and talk with today's guest, Jonathon Aslay, who is a Romance and Relationship Confidant for Women If you're single, dating, or currently in a relationship and are struggling to understand men better, you may be surprised by the insight of our guest today. Jonathon has taught hundreds of clients about "purposeful dating" using his proven methods of coaching and insight to the male and female brain. For our listeners today, single or not, learn what men and women are really thinking about when it comes to Love, Relationships, Sex and Commitment. You may be surprised! Join us with your questions!

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Romance Novels and the 7 Year Itch

• July 30th, 2011

Passion by Design: Romance Novels and the 7 Year Itch

What??? J. Lo and Marc Anthony split up? Wait a minute... isn't she People Magazine's " most beautiful woman in the world" and isn't he the Latin heart-throb singer? Didn't they just perform on American Idol and seem like the perfect match and more in love than ever? As Laurence Olivier once said "It's called acting, dear boy!"

They aren't the first couple to call it quits after seven years. Research indicates many marriages are vulnerable to splitting up after getting through the first few years of attraction and bliss.

In our book, Passion By Design, we call it "the relationship flu." Find out why it happens, and learn great information and tips for making your relationship last. We will also discuss Romance Novels... Discover the secret about romance novels and their role in relationships.

YOU may just have to run to the library after today's show!

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Is the Tortured Artist the Only Way to Create?

• July 23rd, 2011

Passion By Design, 7/23/11 Guest: Peter Andrews, guitarist and composer who has an extensive list of television and film credits

Creativity leads the way to a life of passion. Today we are looking at the role of creativity in leading a resilient life. Are you one of those people who look at creativity as being a gift, or that "talent" is something everyone else has? Everyone...absolutely everyone has a creative side.

Can you remember back to childhood when crayons, and clay, and sticks, and sand became your tools of expression? Can you remember when Fairy tales created vivid images dancing in your head? That is what creativity is all about! Learn how to wake up the creative life you were born with.

Our guest today, Peter Andrews is a guitarist and composer who has an extensive list of television and film credits both as a songwriter and instrumentalist, and has written collaboratively with Academy Award, Grammy Winning, and Platinum selling artists. His work currently appears on NCIS, Extra, TMZ, Tyra Banks Show, among others.

His focus today "Is the tortured artist the only way to create?" Learn his healthy and inspired approach to living a creative life. Listen for the turning points and triggers to leading a creative life. It's never too late!

Also on today's show: Creative Summer Projects for your home.

Join us each week as we share with you an hour of respite; an hour of hope, information and inspiration... the Passion by Design LifeStyle!

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What if You Could Play a Roll in Ending World Poverty from Your Living Room?

• July 21st, 2011

Passion By Design: Guest, Carmel Jud, Rising International

Paula McChesney and Sandy Peckinpah have a full hour of looking at the possibilities of making a difference in the world.

Their guest today, Carmel Jud, had a dream to end world hunger. Thus, Rising International was born. This organization promotes ownership of craft-based businesses by women in both impoverished areas of developed nations as well as in developing nations. Their focus is primarily on women in high risk environments such as those in refugee camps, those living with HIV/AIDS, homeless women, displaced immigrants, former slaves, or those in war-torn regions of the world.

By selling their handmade crafts and sharing their life stories, impoverished women reach out to the rest of the world, not for charity, but for a chance. Some of the items Rising promotes are traditional crafts passed down through generations, such as the baskets made by Ugandan women who have lost their children to AIDS, while others are new craft lines created for the Western market such as the silk purses which are woven by widows in Cambodia.

To date, Rising has helped women and their families in 45 countries move toward a more sustainable livelihood.

"We all have the power to make a difference and I believe when we encounter those less fortunate, we have an obligation to help" -Oprah Winfrey _____________________________________

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Get Your Groove Back! Awaken Your Summer to Possibility!

• July 9th, 2011

Passion By Design: 7/09/11 Guests: actor and author Stefan Pinto, Michael Stephens, general manager of the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch, Tom Slavin, Arizona Regional Manager of Gold's Gym

Paula McChesney and Sandy Peckinpah have a full hour of fantastic guests to awaken your summer to possibility.

Joining us is Stefan Pinto who is an actor, model, and writer. His story of transformation "From Fat To Fit" is inspiring....and it can be done! Stefan was a typical guy, working for a Fortune 500 company. He was 60 lbs overweight, getting fatter, and the only "vegetable" he ate was ketchup. His life "accidentally" changed and he went from being an out-of-shape, overweight guy to an in-demand model and actor. Stefan reveals some secret foods for losing weight as well as a surprising and little known food that helps libido! You may just be transformed! Tune in to listen to his story and his design for living a healthy life!

Passion Passport Segment

Joining the show is the general manager of one of the most beautiful resorts in the world, Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch. It is a 27 acre resort set amidst flowering cactus and framed against the majestic McDowell Mountains. Hear what this incredible resort has to offer for the perfect destination getaway. It could just be the romantic jumpstart you've been dreaming of!

The Secret to Work Out Success!

This segment will feature a fitness representative who will inspire you to get your body back on track and in shape! It takes 21 days to form a habit. Tom Slavin from Gold's Gym will share the secret to creating the most effective plan for making your fitness routine a habit you'll never want to give up! It's your choice! Start now for the body that makes you happy! _____________________________________

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Vacation Impossible…how to make every day a romantic getaway

• July 9th, 2011

Passion By Design: Sandy Peckinpah and Paula McChesney Ever wonder why vacations can give you a new look at your relationship? Sandy and Paula discuss great tips for making your vacation a state of mind where romance can flourish and bring peace and fun into other parts of our lives. How do we keep the spark going by setting the stage mentally? How do we keep the stress out of packing?

Also, "lightening up!" This segment focuses on getting "light" for summer. Refreshing food ideas.

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Awaken Your Life to Color!

• June 25th, 2011

Passion By Design Guest: Paula Crevoshay, jewelry designer and speaker

Paula McChesney is known in the interior design industry as the "Queen of Color". Paula brings a depth of intuitive feeling and practical education to her work with her clients. Paula shares: "I recommended to a client that he paint one wall yellow, to bring a sense of joy and aliveness back into his life. He later shared with me that that color awakened something inside of him that enhances his life every day. That's the power of color." Sandy and Paula discuss awakening the senses to the powerful tool of color and light.

Joining us is Paula Crevoshay, who is known in the jewelry world as "The Queen of Color." She wears her light and lives the beauty. She's one the leading designers of jewelry of our time and currently has two pieces being presented in the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Her modern sensibility combined with knowledge of archetypes and art history imbue her designs with a signature look that is at once "as old and deep as the oceans and as fresh as the morning dew."

Listen in as she expresses her inspiration on life, art, humanity, purpose, and all that our generation can achieve. She even reveals tips for the best jewelry colors and styles to enhance the instant "facelift!"

In the Passion Secrets segment this week, Paula McChesney will offer answers to listeners questions about adding color to their lives. Tune in as she reveals the secret color for the bedroom!

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Feeling in Chaos? It’s Time for Transition

• June 18th, 2011

Passion By Design Guest: Bob Donnell, Next Level 4 Success

Unexpected change can happen at any time in life, and often indicates the need for one door of your life to close in order for another to open. Sandy and Paula discuss their own experiences with transition and reveal their "3 Secrets for Success."

Joining us in our conversation is life and business coach, Bob Donnell. He's an expert in guiding people through some of the toughest times in their lives, and helps transition them into some of the best times of their lives.

Bob Donnell is the founder and CEO of Next Level 4 Success and considered one of the industry greats in personal development and strategic coaching. He's worked with a distinguished list of clients including major corporations, professional atheletes, award winning musicians, actors, and others in all areas of life.

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