Passion By Design, 4.20.14 Jenny Perry, author & blogger

• April 21st, 2014

Paula and Sandy will discuss focusing on ways to combat overwhelm and follow your intuition for capturing a better life. We’ve all experienced overwhelm..what does it look like in your life? We will also be discussing "serendipity" and the joy of knowing that your life has a path, a plan, and a purpose.

Jenny Perry is a woman we first became aware of on Facebook. She commands her stage in words. She’s a woman on fire. She's the author of a novel, The Jennifers, and is the feisty married, mother of 5 who resides at the Jersey Shore. She loves to blog ( and has gathered thousands of fans with her approach to life's journey in a fun Spiritual way. Jenny was recently featured in Oprah Magazine, and also blogs for Huffington Post and Calling herself a silly-sassy-spiritual-sexpot, she aims to uplift, empower and inspire. She is a woman with a message for all women ... love yourself no matter what. 

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Passion By Design, 4.13.14 Young Thought Leaders

• April 21st, 2014

Paula and Sandy will continue their 3 part discussion on Lightening Up Your Life! Do you have negative "self talk?" Do you always feel like everyone else is more deserving? This week we'll discuss ways to enhance our lives and our feelings about ourselves and we've invited Sandy's daughter, Julianne, to join us. She graduated from the Fashion Institute and also has expertise in fitness...she has a lot to say about image!

Cassandra Perkins is an Actress, an Author, Public Speaker featured on Tedx) and she has her own radio show, called "Behind the Mask" on KLVZ 810 Am Talk Radio in Denver, CO. She is active in volunteer work for non profit organizations such as The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Project Cure, The Denver Rescue Mission, and Project Sanctuary. She also coordinates community youth outreach for suicide and bullying prevention as well as cyber safety awareness.

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Passion By Design, guest Perry Garfinkel, Author and Journalist

• April 5th, 2014

Paula and Sandy will continue their 3 part discussion on Lightening Up in your home, your business, and your mind! This week we'll discuss lightening up your business for maximizing your business space, it's function, and your success.

This week's guest: Perry Garfinkel, journalist, author, speaker and writing instructor, has reported on psychology, travel, health and spirituality trends for 4 decades. He's a long time contributor to The New York Times, and author of several books including his national bestseller, Buddha or Bust: In Search of Truth, Meaning, Happiness and the Man Who Found Them All (Harmony Books) fits into a new literary genre: "spiritual adventure travel memoir. "

His Holiness the Dalai Lama writes of it: “Perry Garfinkel presents Buddhism as a practical approach to human problems.” 
Garfinkel has worked as reporter and/or editor for, among others, the Boston Globe, the Newark Star-Ledger and the Martha’s Vineyard Times. founding editor of New Age Journal and editor-in-chief of EcoTraveler Magazine in 1993. In television, he has written scripts for the Travel Channel and News Travel Network.

For more information about his numerous books and writing workshops 

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Passion By Design, guest Summer Simonton, creator of Future Speaking

• March 24th, 2014

Paula and Sandy will discuss Lightening Up! 

First of a three part series, covering Lightening Up in Your Home! Lightening Up in Your Business! Lightening Up Your Life!

Meet our guest this week: Summer Simonton - Creator of "Future Speaking"

Summer Simonton is a professional speaker, seminar leader and coach, and the creator of the revolutionary system "Future Speaking". A pioneer in the field of visualization and personal development, Summer teaches scientifically-proven techniques that she and others have used to achieve business and personal goals from increasing sales and income, quitting smoking, and losing weight, to improving business and personal relationships.

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Passion By Design, guest Susan Tolles, Fourish Over 50

• March 17th, 2014

Sandy and Paula discuss the power of 3!
Three ways to boldly step into the next part of your life!

Guest this week: Susan Tolles, founder, 
Flourish Over 50
Susan is a wealth of information and dedicated to helping women who are overworked, overwhelmed and unfulfilled find clarity, purpose and freedom to say "no" without guilt. She inspires and motivates them through her blog at, as a Certified Dream Coach, professional speaker and author.  Susan created the "Reinvention Road Trip" program as a unique way for women to discover their true calling, throw off the "heavy baggage" that holds them back, and create a road map for the next, best chapter of their lives. Working with Susan, women experience greater focus, less stress, and higher self-esteem, knowing that they are using their God-given gifts to reach their height of potential.

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Passion By Design, guest Meryl Hartstein, Bounce Back Women

• March 17th, 2014

This week's show! “Design Strategies” 
We' re incorporating a new weekly segment called “Design Strategies” that will feature an aspect of design that you can incorporate into your home or business. It may be a segment on upcoming color trends, how to select a replacement faucet, or a great new product!

Every year has an official color palette selected by the gurus of color who decide what in what color the items in the market that year will be manufactured. This week we are talking aboutRadiant Orchid, the official Pantone Color for 2014.

Meet our guest this week: Meryl Hartstein author of "You Were Born to Shine" and  
Meryl has survived more in her lifetime than most people ever have to face. She's survived abuse, divorce, cancer, her daughter’s drug addiction and a grandchild with special needs.

She's a Strategic Life & Relationship Coach, a Speaker, a Celebrity Confidence Expert, and Founder of the non profit Bounce Back Women. Her next book, “Bounce Back Women,” is a compilation of stories about successful women who've survived adversity. Hear her're sure to be inspired!

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Passion By Design, Guest: Claire Fullerton, Author

• March 17th, 2014

This week we'll be talking about the importance of inspired surroundings and a sense of place. 

Our guest: is author Claire Fullerton who has a new novel out titled "A Portal in Time." It is set against the Carmel by the Sea backdrop. Available on
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Passion By Design, guest Jim White, PHD of JL White International

• March 17th, 2014
Sandy and Paula talk about three secret tips for shifting the energy in your home right now.

In the second half hour, Meet our guest this week: Jim White, PHD. 
Every once in a while you meet people who are inspired by their life and work. They are totally alive, enthusiastic, and appear to care genuinely about what they are doing, the people with whom they work, and the people they serve. Jim White is one of those and his work and his book reflects just that. 
In 1991 Jim founded JL White International, Inc. and Circle of Success-a year long customized leadership and management transformation process. As a full-service management consulting and leadership development organization based out of Monterey, CA, JL White International offers a variety of innovative programs.

His book is titled: What's My Purpose, A Journey of Professional and Personal Growth, available on

Passion By Design, Guest: Bob Donnell, Next Level 4 Success

• February 24th, 2014

This week’s show we will be discussing “Life on New Terms.”
We’ll bring you great new Passion By Design ideas for the “New Passionate, Succesful, Happy You."

Our featured guest is Bob Donnell, CEO of Next Level 4 Success and Next Level By Association. Bob is a sought after speaker, coach, and mentor whose direct approach to success has been used successfully by numerous high profile clients in the field of sports, entertainment, corporations, and entrepeneurs. His interview will inspire you to find your “next level.”

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9 Steps to Breakthrough to Happy

• November 16th, 2013

The tables are turned, this time it's co-host of Passion By Design, Sandy Peckinpah being interviewed by Rose James on her show, Transform Your Life. 

Sandy thought she had a “fairy tale” life. She was the wife of David Peckinpah,  a writer and Emmy nominated television producer, she had just completed her book tour for her newly published children's book, and her family was at the very core of all that mattered in life. One day, her oldest son woke up with a fever and was dead the next morning of a deadly killer, bacterial meningitis. 

That was just the beginning of a series of events that spiraled her life out of her fairy tale and into a passionate quest to resurrect a new life, start a new career, and build a life of love, meaning, and purpose. In the process, of developing a successful system for herself, she began helping others rise up from life’s most challenging and difficult transitions. In the course of this interview, you'll learn her 9 steps for bouncing back after life takes you down. 

But what is a fairy tale after all? It's about triumph over adversity. This fairy tale does have a happy ending... listen in! For more, visit Sandy's blog at 

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